Wood Ridge, NJ


In 1669, lord proprietors Sir George Carteret and Lord John Berkeley awarded a land grant to Capt. John Berry. The territory extended approximately from Hackensack to Newark between the Hackensack, Passaic, and Saddle Rivers. At the time, the Lenni Lenape Indians inhabited the area. The track was gradually divided into farms, and by the early 1700s, the area that is now Wood-Ridge began to appear in county records. An old Indian trail extending from the northern part of Bergen County to points south was laid out by Berry as a roadway c. 1707. Named Polifly Road, it is now known in Wood-Ridge as Hackensack Street.

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Wood Ridge Demographics

Population: 9,187

Zip code: 07075

Median Family income: 96,628

Median resident age: 44 years

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Wood Ridge Listing Stats

Lowest price: $2,100

Highest price: $1,125,000

Average price: $432,874

Number of listings: 18